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My 3E rebuild

So i bought a Toyota Tazz with a 2E engine which are common in south africa), these cars came only in the 2E , 4afe and the 7afe engines .
I discovered i had actually had a imported 3E (imported to south africa) engine in it and looks very similar to the 2E

Im rebuilding the 3E carb long block with 2E parts as i don't have enough $$$
to buy a new engine and its expensive to ship 3e parts to here .

I am replacing the 3E valves as 3 exhaust valves are shot, and seals and guides from the 2E engine.

The Small inlet valve is not a match to the 3E inlet valve :(

The large inlet valve and the exhaust valve fits nicely in the engine, but the the 2E small inlet valve was taller than the 3e and to small for the valve seat, this might fix the 3E valve stem seal problems as the 2E where not affected by this.

I will be using the old 3E small inlet valves with 2E seals and guides .

the pistons rings might work from the 2e because the 2E and 3E share the same bore but not the stroke. So i might be able to use the 2e oil rings.

I also saw that the 3E carb block connecting rods are the same as the 5efhe and 1gen 5efe rods able to take 15psi of boost :rolleyes:.

Will post pictures when i can ;

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Wish you luck with the rebuild.:thumbsup: Toyota's engines, especialy from the same series, seems to have a lot of common parts that can be interchanged. But sometimes tiny differences cause them not to fit. I had in the past swap a 1E (1.0l) with a 2E (1.3l) with and used a tranny from a Corolla and parts of the throttle connection from the 1E (as the 2E was orignally mated with an auto tranny. All parts fitted perfectly.

I know that there are turbocharged versions of the 3E (called 3E-TE), those where available on 3th gen JDM Tercels (EL31).

Just have one question: I scavange allot of Toyota info, but somehow info about '85~'95 Australian and South-African models are scares on the net. Especially when in comes to the Tazz, Carri, Conquest, Condor and Stallion. The Tazz is a complete mistery for me. It seems to be a EE90 Corolla hatchback that is produced well till the end of the 90's, but the show up in non of the EPC's I have. Can you provide me some detailed information about your car?
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