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The end has come...

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Hey guys, bad news... another previa will be headed to the crusher... my head gasket blew on sunday while i was heading to a dinner with 4 other passengers... just lost power, funny pedal feel and plenty of white smoke. im trying to sell/give parts away asap. my faithful Bertha has brought me through thick and thin. She was my sanctuary, my adventuremobile, my everydaymobile, my partybus and my hobby. We cannot afford to repair her as our mechanic has asked us $1500 for repairs.

Please contact me asap. i cannot ship out or whatever... i dont and have never dealt with ebay/paypal and all that.

shes all stock, and am willing to sell/give away parts to existing owners. If you're close to flushing, queens, ny. def hit me up. or if your're willing to travel. right now she's located in elmhurst. thats where you can see her. idk how much of her can be salvaged as im sure she'll still need to atleast be able to be easily transported... rear tires have about 6k-10k miles. 205 65r 15. if u can bring a donut, i have 4 alloys that were painted black and can be easily removed. front tires have probably have about 15k or so miles.. not sure about the fronts really but still in good condition.

seats! take the seats! i have 2nd row swiveling captains chairs and the 3rd row is still here...
lights! light bulbs! interior paneling. seat belts. bumpers in poor condition. i have blue colored factory carpets in ok condition. no fridge, no sunroofs. no steering column cover. no factory carpet. i redid it myself a while ago. the air filter is less than 5k miles. i have new oil filters and alot of rear pads from japan.

Please come and see her, depending on what it is, i'll either throw it into your hands or sell at stealing price.

PM me asap please... i also have a 1991 toyota previa factory repair manual!!!!! and a 1992 haynes manual.

I hope you guys treasure your ride... she only has 168k on the clock... as a college student, she couldnt have of been better.

i hope i'm not breaking rules...

no hella lights... i'm gonna put that on my future 4x4 E-Series wagon =)

I'll be on the Civic forums FTM.... 01 LX... so damn small.
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There is a guy that I know in Kansas City that had his head gasket blow on his Previa. He used some of that head gasket fix stuff in a can.... He now has a little over 10,000 miles on the repair....and it is still going strong.

It is worth a shot....
Sorry to hear about this, but I'm impressed by your generosity (even when not actually giving away parts) to give other people the opportunity to pick up some part they might need, rather than letting it all get crushed.

You could also do the head gasket yourself or with the help of some of your ToyotaNation family who might live nearby. Sorry, I'm in Oklahoma-- if you were in Tulsa or OKC or somewhere I'd try to give a hand. Probably the hardest part of a head gasket replacement is just getting to the engine (was a cinch on my '76 Corolla's 2T-C).
If anybody does go to get some parts from him, please let me know as I need some parts for mine. I'm in Missouri so there's no way I could drive. Will pay for trouble/part.

+2 on CMH. For under $50, this might be worth a shot to keep the van -
Worth a try for that small a price! :thumbsup:
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