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The fan on my 98 corolla LE stopped working suddenly.

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I went to go do a jumpstart my corolla which had been sitting for quite a while and I go to turn on the fan(it is quite hot). Nothing happens. All of the switches do nothing and there is no air whatsoever coming through the vents. I'm trying to sell this car and not many people want to buy a car with no ac or heat. Any ideas why it doesn't work? or any parts I may need to fix it? I suspect the fan that pushes the air just broke but I'm too scared to lay a finger on any components as I don't want to make anything worse. Any other 98 corolla people have this problem too?
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When was the last time the AC did work?

Can you verify that the low side of the AC line is cold to the touch? Does the fan on the condenser turn on with the fan speed switch?

You also need to confirm that the clutch on the compressor is activating. Pull the passenger wheel and the splash guard to get a view of the clutch on the compressor.

If the clutch doesn't move, then it's time to change.
I've a similar issue on my other car (a Nissan) awhile ago and it could be as easy as a bad blower resistor. The very obvious sign was that the fan would only work on high. Toyotas might behave similarly but don't quote on that

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There is a coldish feeling on the vents when I click the ac button. it seems the blower might be the issue. I gave it a good hard slap, which got the motor moving really slowly. I think its time to replace the blower which might be jammed or faulty. Thanks for the help.
The blower motor should be behind your glove box. It's at the bottom of the assembly under the dash.

You can bench test it if you wish, but from a junkyard, it's like $10-20. Bearings fail or dirt somehow gets in the blower wheel and ruins the motor.
If the motor moved a little bit when you smacked it, it could be the bearings in the motor have gone bad. Some motors have self-aligning bearings and can be totally restarted with a good hit.

Getting to the fan isn't too hard. I had to clean mine out a lot because of a mouse that would fill it up with leaves.
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