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the ghost is back

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I can be driving along and the door locks will start triping out!! op open.... click.....ect.... they will not stop trying to open. and this will go on for about 5 min and then nothing. The rain has something to do with it I think! I have a gen 3 -this 95 :eek:
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lose wire or a wire is broken (fibers in side have broke) and when it moves i guess it making it trip the contacts, my sister car would lock or open i cant rember the door when ever i plug in or unplug the lock switch, if rain has something to do with it maybe water is getting in your door and crossing contacts and then you can always try boroing up the switch by coving the back of the wire harnest with some caulking
Do you have an alarm in the car?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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