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The Lone Previa?

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The Me: Name's Rick, live in Floriduh, full time student, full time employee, all Toyota household (4 in all).
The Mine: Currently, a 1992 Toyota Previa, over 200,000 thousand miles, still kickin' @ss, runs like a top, dual sunroofs, rear a/c (still works great), solid vehicle, no rust, original paint, obtained from a Toyota mechanic, many long distance road trips taken in this vehicle, probably the greatest van model ever made (the mechanic I bought this from swears that they replaced this van with the Sienna because they were too reliable and were not making any money off repairs).
The Mods: Not much as of yet, only owned it for 6 months, a starving student, so limited on the budget, have great plans for this van, not many aftermarket parts for a minivan, it will be a challenge, but well worth the effort, just an overall smooth, original van that puts even the new van models to shame.
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Welcome to TN. Its good to see you have such appreciation for a great product.
You have one of the sweetest vehicles ever made :)

I want one some day. I'm sure a turbo kit could be made ;)
oooo nice that thing is loaded huh? is it the 3vz motor or what? and are the brakes for those the same as a camry? rims are always a good step forward
Those are sweet vans! There is a couple of them around here! Is yours the supercharged one?
Also there is ground effect kits for that .. Mostly in Japan though:disappoin

But anyways welcome to TN and have some fun here, And don't be affraid to post some pics!

You are not alone... I also have a 1992 Previa.

It is an AllTrac LE with just about every option they had that year sans the sunroof and leather. We love it, but it needs some work as I wrecked it in January (Just body damage). The insurance company let us buy it back for $800. Not bad since they totaled it out for nearly $7000.
My freind has one of those and those are tough vans mein. Once we took a 5 hour road trip which half of it was on dirt roads and that thing took all the punishment we gave it. Those are awesome vans.
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