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1995 LE 2.2 L 4 cylinder, 5S-FE. 515,007 miles, runs almost like new, all systems performing well. Original engine and transmission/differential (AC is cold, initial temp 37.8º expansion valve works intermittently, would soon need replacement). It will soon, under it's own power, make it's terminal trip to the auto salvage yard crusher.

ody and interior are in fair condition. There is a small rust area on the driver side rear quarter panel and across the top windshield frame.

Since new, it has been driven in a Midwest rust belt state. Never garaged, until 2017. The quality of the manufactures paint was excellent. Waxed and buffed twice a year.

Washed usually every two to three weeks, more in the Winter, particularly the underside areas.

Two unexpected repairs, caused by debris in the roadway, each resulting in replacement of the exhaust system flex pipe. In 2001, ran over a tire on the highway, going about 65 miles per hour, at night. It happened again in 2011, when unable to avoid another tire in the roadway, while driving in heavy traffic.

All other parts of the exhaust system are original. The original alternator was replaced in 2008 (409k miles, voltage regulator).

Has original, upper and lower radiator hose (annual coolant flush, hoses are in like new condition), vacuum lines, oxygen sensor, master cylinder, AC compressor, evaporator, receiver dryer, condenser, expansion valve, power steering pump, plug wires and more.

One check engine light in 2004, replaced the EGR valve.

The original starter (450k miles) was replaced by the dealership in 2012, after misdiagnosing an intermittent starting problem. DIY, replaced the Neutral Safety Switch, which fixed the starting problem, with helpful information from the Toyota Nation forums.

In the spring of 2004 (250k miles), an intermittent problem started. It would start missing, losing power, then regain power. Eventually there was a crank/no start.

The dealership had a difficult time correctly diagnosing the problem. Checked fuel system, vacuum lines, some of the electrical system components. Installing a new distributor cap/rotor, did not fix the problem. Replacing the ignition coil (it had a hairline crack) fixed the problem.

In 2013, (478K miles) DIY installed four Quick Struts, front/rear sway bar links, and upper/lower control arms.

In 2015 (492k miles), the Camry was offered at no cost, to a relative. In the interest of safety, four new tires were installed (Bridgestone 205/65R15 Ecopia Ep422). A complete front and rear brake job (new rotors/ wheel cylinders, hardware, replacing the original, calipers, rotors, wheel cylinders).

The front brake pads (only OEM pads used) over the years, were replaced three times, averaging over a 160,000 miles between replacement. Rear brake pads were replaced once, at 492k miles.

After inspection of the brake lines, because of some corrosion, all new brakes lines were installed.

Because of excessive bushing wear and noise, the rear adjustable control arm bushings were replaced.

Confident, with proper maintenance, it could run another 100k or more miles.

After the work, the relative did not want the Camry. For the last four years it has been driven very little, under 6k miles per year. Recently completed a 450 mile trip, averaged 32.7 mpg, at an average speed of around 70 mph.

It has been a very reliable car. But for a few operator error caused problems, for example, allowing the fuel light to indicate empty once to often, causing failure of the fuel pump, from frequent low fuel levels (unaware fuel helps cool the fuel pump motor). Happened in 2008, since then, the fuel tank has never below quarter full.

Cost of ownership per mile to date: Includes purchase price, finance charges, maintenance, service, repairs, insurance, fuel, license fees and other miscellaneous cost (sound system, four radio's, broken driver side door handle, installed alarm system, ect).

Performed 145 DIY oil changes, using Quaker State 10W 30 oil (3,500 average miles), and adding a half quart of Rislone Engine Treatment with every oil change. Used OEM genuine Toyota oil filters. Mostly used OEM parts and fluids for all maintenance and service.

1995 – 2019: 15,394 gallons of fuel consumed

$28,924 cost of fuel (lowest price per gallon, 0.86¢ highest $3.94) average $1.88

33.4 miles per gallon average (about 75/25 highway/city). For many years the commute to work was just over 2 miles during the week (averaged 25 – 28 mpg). Highest fuel economy was 37.3 mpg on a 900 mile trip, with a strong tailwind, for most of the trip.

Total cost of ownership so far: $88,286, which is about 0.17¢ per mile. If depreciation is included, 0.21¢ (depreciated down to zero, or scrap value), which is approximately $307 per month, $376 per month with depreciation included.

From 1995 to 2012 almost all service and scheduled maintenance, was preformed by the dealership (image of a late 90's early aughts dealer recommended service brochure), so the cost were significantly higher then an independent service shop

A valve adjustment was done once, in 1997 at 60k miles (not sure if it was a recommended manufacturers service). Had five timing/drive belt changes, since the original belts were changed at 60k miles.

Last timing/drive belt change was in 2012 (475k miles). Installed a new water pump and thermostat (replacing the original water pump and thermostat). Also installed new oil seals.

Last year, with assistance, replaced the head gasket (some oil seepage) and harmonic balancer (rubber ring deterioration).

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What a shame. Keep it going! Don't give it up. If you can afford dealership service, you can do this!

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Yes, it is a crying shame that such a nice looking Camry is going to the scrape yard.


My 1992 Camry XLE (Japan made) with over 530,000+ miles has had countless Timing Belts and Water Pump replacements, so much that I lost count. However, the timing belt replacement was done by complete kamikaze effect and not by paying attention to a specific mileage.

My Camry's original Alternator gave up at around 430,000 miles.

My Camry's Fuel pump gave up right at 445,000 miles.

And at present, my Camry's entire Power Steering System is being replaced at 530,000+ original miles.

Engine abd Automatic transmission is still going strong and Engine still has original fuel injectors.

EDIT: My 5S-FE 2.2 Liter Engine has NEVER had any Valve adjustment!

Look at it this way, you can purchase a newer car (used) or a new one, and still have to pay for maintenance, one way or another.

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Okay Gals and Guys,

Some of you might just reach my 1992 Camry XLE Mileage (Odometer Reading) since I ride in a Van Pool Vehicle to work and I just place one (1) mile round trip to the Van Pool Vehicle meeting place.😁

However, I have worked late and have been forced to participate in Testing at work so, I have place a few more miles and it is as follows:

My beloved 1992 Camry XLE (Japan made) has reached 528,673 original miles and still going strong and without rebuilt history!

The 5S-FE still have the original factory Fuel Injectors and the Rack & Pinion assembly is Factory as well!

(The Power Steering Pump & High Pressure Hose still worked but, was leaking so, it was replaced three months ago!)

Okay, let see...........................

Again, my Camry is on it's 2nd Instrument Cluster:

So, the present reading of the newer Cluster is at: 175,635 miles. The reading of the newer Cluster when acquired: 132,977 miles <--Initial ownership from Salvage Yard.

The reading of the original Cluster from factory: 486,015 miles <---Reading when removed from vehicle.

Calculating the miles traveled with the newer Cluster: 175,635 - 132,977 = 42,658 miles

Calculating the TOTAL Miles for my Camry XLE: 486,015 + 42,658 = 528,673 original miles:grin:

This past week, replaced all QUICK Struts, Frontal Sway Bar Bushings & Sway Links plus Spark Plugs and Spark Wire Sets (NGK's).😉

Greetings good people!

Well, just on the topic of actual mileage of my beloved 1992 Toyota Camry XLE (Japan) here's the latest mileage and it has inched a little higher. There has been some NASTY distractions on Power Steering items (repairs) that has really bothered me to no end. The good news is was today I canceled the PRO SHOP appointment to replace my Camry's RACK & PINION as it has gone back working like nothing ever happened????


The present reading of the newer Cluster is at: 179,389 miles.

The reading of the newer Cluster when acquired: 132,977 miles <--Initial ownership from Salvage Yard.

The reading of the original Cluster from factory: 486,015 miles <---Reading when removed from vehicle.

Calculating the miles traveled with the newer Cluster: 179,389 - 132,977 = 46,412 miles

Calculating the TOTAL Miles for my Camry XLE: 486,015 + 46,412 = 532,427 original miles

In other news I am expecting an UGLY HURRICANE to hit us by Sunday night!


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jlm256, Great record-keeping! Sounds like it's under-carriage rust that's signalling an end to your car's long time on the road. Seventeen cents a mile is pretty cheap. Maybe a forum member will have an interest in carrying your car on to that additional 100K.

My 2000 1MZ FE (V6) Solara is currently at 511,000. Original engine and transmission are still working great. I was adding 2-3 quarts of oil between 5,000-mile oil change intervals but recently did a valve stem seal replacement job along with the routine timing belt/spark plugs/water pump change. I'll try to provide a 5,000-mile update in the thread I started for that job but looks like my oil usage is going to be less than a quart now.

I hope to change out the brake fluid soon.
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