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The rice revolt has started will you be consumed ?!

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Ok beside just flaming ricers( HMM fried rice)
What pet peeves do you have with other car butchers and there frankenstein creations ( they think)

Chrome rims belong on luxury cars/trucks not sports or compact cars that lose half there horespower trying to turn the damn things

Those ugly ass sluts at car shows who think they are the shit
,look at fusion car audios booths .They always have teh cheapest hookers on Jarvis working there booths for crack since they have none on them.

SIde marker lights that are hooked up to stay on all day and night . They are used to turn ,what are you doing driving in a circle trying to bite your ass?

Putting flake in the paint or wire wheels on a car that isn't old enough to not have a catalytic convertor.

there is no such thing as USDM unless you drive a neon or cavalier which is sold in other than Northamerican markets by a Domestic Manufactuer (gm,ford,chrysler)
Obviously started as a catch phrase by some idiot who wanted to be cool but couldn't say he had real JDM parts
It is NAM (north american market)

Flashing blue lights are for snow plows.

The only true mod that can be used universally for any car should be *RUST*

APC and Toucan( ractive,eurolite,roadboy) had there day but now they can't sell shit because the whored every product they could stick there dick in . Now they are know for inferior products with no R&D might as well buy some duct work for your dryer and make a cold air intake ,same amount of R&D they do
"oh it fits,ok add a new part # and sell it"

The rice revolt has started will you be consumed ?! The rice revolt has started will you be consumed ?!
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:confused: :wtf:
which part can i clarify for you?
your an angry man....
:dunno: :whatthe: :wtf:
well... i thought toyota made a cavalier too in japan... looks exactly the same as the chevy one..the only difference is the rear light...

toyota cavalier

chevy cavalier

so if you see a cavalier on the road that says toyota it maybe one..
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i wouldn't say i am an agry man
I have been at every single meet for the past year and a half and get along great with most core TN members who show up to meets
Besides that is why i tried and the funny analogies at the end of each reference

I just dislike people thinking they know what they are talking about but really have no clue ,

I also HATE kuhmo tires they are the ractive of tires pure shit tires that fail and don;t hodl the road,if you think they are any good then you never had good tires.

they are only good for having something between the rim and the road.
skperformance said:
which part can i clarify for you?
The part where you posted this unless thread:lol: J/K
R33E8 said:
well... i thought toyota made a cavalier too in japan... looks exactly the same as the chevy one..the only difference is the rear light...

that is exactly my point which is why i mentioned those 2 cars they actually have Japanese versions but here they are USDM spec'd cars
If they were not sold outside of America then it has no title regarding outside sales.

The toyota cavalier has a few more features then the tails like a trunk line the rims the folding side mirros and the list goes on.
your a joker phi
does it really sound angry ?
I was just thinking if anyone else had any things they dislike as well , or if i am in my own world (which i probably am)

I also am not a fan of stickers but always have a good laugh at people who have greddy and autometer stickers on their bone stock neons ,ok maybe they have chrome spinner hubcaps.
I saw one on sunday ,wow it was a good laugh.
:lol: Most of the guys here haven't had the pleasure of being in your company to fully appreciate your passionate conviction against Ricers.

I hear what you're saying man. I know you're just posting some random thoughts. It's all good as long as you don't spend too much time worrying about them. Just continue using them as a source of amusment on those shitty days when your stuck in traffic ;)
When i am in my civic ,you have no idea how many idiots i get soming next to me reving there engine.
I usually point laugh and drive away real slow.
I guess when you know you can go fast you don't need to prove anything.
When you have nothing to lose ,you have everything to prove.
I guess when you know you can go fast you don't need to prove anything

^unless ur in a sleeper civic and no one believes you.. heh
mines no sleeper
it is a winter beater

with a kit ,bronze17's, swap and a few other things
I love my babies, I also think all Lexus owners should have a honda winter beater.
That Cavalier is the result of the joint venture between Toyota and GM, where Toyota would produce and sell the Cavalier in Japan and GM would produce and sell the Corolla (sold as the Geo Priszm if I'm not mistaken, anyway is the Geo that looks like a 94-98 Corolla) in the USA
i like chrome rims on sports cars...i think i need slow me down......:D
i see what you mean.

this thread is useless without any pics:thumbdown :lol:
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