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The rules told me to

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Hi, Newby to the forum here.

My name is Esley Henderson I live in Lincoln NE for college right now. I am married to a wonderful woman who is much smarter than myself. I am a dirtbiker by nature I've been doing it my whole life. If anyone else on here is into bikes give me a holler. I was born and raised in North Dakota. And yes it is as cold as you've heard. I was raised on a working farm and ranch. As was my wife, we're both farm kids I guess.

Anyway about the Toyota: Last night I made arrangements to buy the toyota I always wanted. One of my best friends and former employers has a 1984 pickup, reg cab, 5 spd, 4x4, and my favorite part, turbo diesel under the hood. I drove it when I worked for him a few years back and always tried to buy it but he never wanted to sell. Anyway I got it from him. I plan to put a stereo in it as soon as I can, comprised of a decent head unit, arc audio amps, full components, and a decent sub. Maybe a small body lift somewhere in the future and some tires for a bolder look. If I recall correctly the box is pretty rusted and I may do something about that too. That's pretty much it. If you need to know anything else let me know.
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welcome to TN:cool:

ive never heard of a diesle toyota pickup before, thats pretty cool, the same engine as the land cruiser?
I'm not sure if it's the same as the land cruiser, but it is the same one they put into the 4runners in the 80s and early 90 evidentally. If anyone has any imformation about this engine I would be very gratefull. I don't know much about it but have been spending alot of time searching online for any thing at all about it. So any help at all would be much appriciated.
I know some pickups came with a stock turbo, the 22rte engine, but I don't think it was diesel.

I forgot what state NE was :eek::

Welcome! :D
It's all good. Im originally from ND and would prefer to be there now actually. It's just that I needed to move for school. I've only been able to find about 5 or six threads here on TN about a diesel pickup in the US or Canada. And this is the only one I've ever seen in person. But I have found several diesel engines on Ebay.

And I'm glad to be here. Thanks.
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