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We've all heard the rumor - "You need to retune your ECU after installing an intake system."

This is 100% false regarding K&N intake systems.

You do not need to retune your engine's computer after installing a K&N air filter or intake system. Our intake systems are designed to work within the factory parameters of the ECU programming and the ECU will automatically adjust to the new higher rate of airflow - no tuning required, and you will not get a lean air/fuel mixture. The intake systems are straight bolt-on and go.

Some vehicles require a longer period of "break-in" time after installing an intake system for the computer to completely adjust to the new air flow. We recommend driving your vehicle for 100-200 miles after installing a K&N intake system, combining both city and highway driving, full and partial throttle, in order to make sure your engine's computer completely adjusts.
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