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We've all heard the rumor - "K&N air filters and intake systems will void your factory warranty."

This is 100% false.

K&N air filters and intake systems will not void your factory warranty. In the U.S., there is a federal law called the Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 that prevents dealerships from voiding your factory warranty because of the presence of an aftermarket air filter. A dealership must be able to prove that an aftermarket product caused damage to your vehicle in order to void your warranty, and we do not develop products that damage our customers' vehicles. If you ask them to put the warranty voiding in writing, they won't. If a dealership does try to void your warranty because of a K&N product being present, please call us immediately at 1-800-858-3333. We have an entire department dedicated to dealer relations and we will step in and fight for you as we promise in our Consumer Protection Pledge.

K&N backs all of our factory replacement air filters and intake systems with our Million Mile Warranty. If anything ever were to go wrong with your air filter or intake system, we would replace the broken/damaged components at no charge, assuming the damage resulted from regular use and not abuse or carelessness. Also K&N stands behind our products with our Engine Protected Limited Warranty, which extends beyond the K&N products and covers your entire engine. If a K&N product were to ever cause damage to your vehicle, we would cover all associated repair costs.
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