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The Tundra TRD Pro is back for 2019, but what the devil is Toyota thinking?

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There are only three boring colors available: white, black and a certain shade of blue, not the exciting Inferno color that was offered when the TRD Pro line was incepted in 2015 for Tundra/Tacoma/4Runner.

What's with this dinky 5 1/2 foot box on a full-size truck going over $50 grand OTD? The original TRD Pro offered at least a 6' box and if memory serves me correctly, a long 8' box depending on what kind of cab.

The still-pricey and smaller 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro has a super dinky 5-foot box. Ok if you have a pair of chihuahuas and a picnic basket but not for a pair of Labs in crates with a bunch of duck decoys and camping gear.

The 2019 TRD Pro gives you less load volume and takes more money out of your savings account. :frown::frown:
Not a warm way to welcome the Pro model back.

We only get one cab type, one puny box size, one engine size and one transmission type and damn few color choices on the most-pricey new trucks from Toyota with exclusive TRD Pro chrome TOYOTA letters on the grille: such letters that used to be standard on the fronts of all Toyota trucks up until about the early 1990's.

I hate to say it, but you get many more choices from Ford with less money spent.

The sole puny box size and limited options on these new expensive TRD Pro Toyota trucks makes me give Tundra a 1-star on Edmunds Reviews.

Toyota truck fans, Tundra TRD Pro is still supposed to be a PICKUP and have full PICKUP working capacity and utility. Otherwise, buy a RAV4, no, a Corolla, for your toy poodle and picnic basket!!

Here is my one-star rating for Tundra TRD Pro at that was finally published:

The dinky box is the ultimate deal-breaker in this new Pro model. The lack of more exciting paint options is another big pity.
An otherwise nice truck ruined by a deficit of a foot of box length and three measly boring color choices. Damn shame.

Hopefully Toyota will get the message.
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So you gave a vehicle you have not driven nor own a 1 star based on the bed box and color choice? Do you know that every year the TRD models on come in 4 color choices. Black, white, gray or red, and then a special color. The Tundra Pro comes in 2 body styles not 1.That special color changes every year and so far does not repeat. My favorite was the Cement color. Don't like it don't buy it. No reason to give it a 1 star just because you don't like the cab or bed choices. Kind of childish.

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Been a Toyota and Lexus guy for a major part of my life, I know the quality of the brand, I was looking recently for a pick up and my first option was the Tacoma TRD Pro, at the end of the day I went for the Ford Raptor and I have to be honest there's no other truck like it and the Tundra is way behind it.
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