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06 taco, 94 F250
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i have been reading for months about diffrent configurations on tacomas. I want to build
the ultamate beach truck.
Beach sand deep, 4X4 required most of the time.
see short example of soft sand ( this beach gets much worse ) I rate this a 6
uploaded 1-13-07 3pm

(1.) stock lift handles most things with ease, what happens with lift in the sand,
do you begin to feel top heavy ?? , thinking of the almost vilolent left/right/left
of a taco running pretty fast in deep sand.
What is idea lift setup.
{ lift must be ok with cap full of camping grear,water,ice-chest :chug: }

(2.) Tires, Ballons would be great, but you have to drive hwy to get home.
What is a great tire for sand/pavement. ( stock 4X4 came with some BFGS )
that will match well with above tires ??

Thanks in advance
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