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Hey guys take a look at this concept celica.

Body: Style ST225?? 2000 model Celica

ENGINE: 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder, twin cam, 16-valve 3S-GTE
500 BHP. , 340 lbs/ft Torque

Suspension Front: Toyota Superstrut
Rear: Independent dual link

Brakes Front: 12.3x1.26 (313x32mm)/ventilated disc, 4-piston caliper
Rear: 12.3x.63 (313x16mm)/ventilated disc, 2-piston caliper

Wheels - Center locking, 8.5x19 in. BBS magnesium Alloy
with 245/35 19 Michelin Pilot tires

Dimensions Length: 174.9 in
Width: Front 72.1" / Rear 71.5"
Height 50.0"

But they arre many more concept celicas on this page

Click on this link:

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I remember seeing the Ultimate Celica at the NY International Auto show. Man that was a nice car. New they would never produce it though. I have a picture of it laying around somewhere along with other Toyota concepts. :)

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Edward_H said:
wait a sec, that thing is using a 3SGTE transmission so im guessing hes also 4wd am i right?
no he is using the MR2 tranny. The guy has the thing to like 400+ whp.

He ran a 12sec 1/4mile with no traction. Very nice car. He admits though its purely a proof of concept and has lots of problems with it.

The guy runs a shop in florida I think it is

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im not too sure about a celica convertible but the rodmillen one is hot and brandons black celica is phat

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man who imagined that station wagon celica...must had smoked a lot of weed that night!
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