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Well as most real Toyota fans know the founder of Toyota spelled there name Toyoda however it is spelled Toyota for the company and with me as well as most toyota fans the question has always been why did they change the name. Well reading my 50 year history book I have found out the truth. Now This is a quote from the book "Kiichiro was aware of the importance of a brand name, so in July(1936) the company ran a contest for suggestions for a new Toyoda logo. There were over 20,000 entries. The winning entry consisted of katakana characters in a design that imparted a sense of speed. In the logo, "Toyoda" became "Toyota" because as a design it was esthetically superior and because the number of strokes is a felicitous number, suggestive of increasing prosperity. It also sounded better."
Now we can all know what we are talking about a little bit more when we tell people about Toyota.
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