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There's no Marble forum, so I thought I'd ask it here.

I have a marble entry way that is 30 years old and is dull from scuff and grit of shoes walking in.

Do you think auto polisher can fix it with the PC?

If so, do you think going from a very abrasive polish to a fine polish with auto glaze/sealer will do the trick?

I'm curious to find out, but don't want to experiment with my floor. If I can't do it with what I got, then I call the pros in.

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I doubt it. It's gonna take a lot of weight, power, and abrasives to polish out scratches in marble. They make equipment that you can rent that is made to do that.

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Haven't tried marble polishing, but having seen and heard a lot about floor finishing, I'll agree that it's probably more than you'd want to attempt with a Porter-Cable -- added weight and surface area are key when working hard floors.

Google these words: floor polisher marble

and you'll come up with some good resources.

Add the word rent to that string, and you'll see some more -- check local rental houses for rates on machines.
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