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Hi, I want your guys opinion on this whether i should get this. It's a white 87 MR2, naturally aspirated, 5 speed, 113k miles, with moonroof(no t-top).

Here's the bad stuff, it needs a new clutch and has a pretty bad rust spot on the drivers rear fender over the wheel well. Otherwise, it's in pretty decent shape. The engine is in good shape and revs strong and the suspension is still very decent.

It's going for $1000 but i can maybe talk the guy down a bit. Anyone think this is a good buy? This will not be my daily driver, so i don't mind having it sit waiting for a clutch. What do you guys think this is worth?

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i can't tell you whether it's a good buy or not. I'm more of a mkII person. If you can talk him down a little I would. Based on other mr2 forums 1g isn't really that bad for a mkI, especially if you can talk him down. But don't base your decision on me. If you like the car and want it, then go for it.

I'd check for the mkI buyers guide or whatever to see what they are going for nowdays to further influence your decision.


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IMHO, I would pay that price... U might be able to get it at 800.00, and the rust is a common problem with the 80's mr2. So figure 250.00 for a maaco paintjob, and give the painter an extra 100.00 for an additional clearcoat. and 500 for the clutch and installation. so all total u will have a 1600.00 car. With a new clutch, paint, and in decent running condition.
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