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ive had a few thoughts running through my mind lately, trying to find a better looking solution for my gen3's corner lamps. the stock ones are clear, but im getting somewhat sick of it. they are also beginning to discolor.

so, i was thinking about doing something with them. my first idea was to buy clear corners for a gen3.5 and use stained glass paint to color it all amber. i like the pattern on the g3.5 lens better than the g3, because of that reflector on the side. and painting the g3 lamps would look a lil plain imo...

second idea: smoke the lenses on the inside, for the gen3 or gen3.5 lamps. i figure i could pop off the lens and paint the inside a little bit, but im not quite sure which is better to paint - the reflective chrome surface or the inside surface of the lens.

i also read up on potential problems this could produce, like the paint could possibly wear out inside due to the heat. but, im also questioning whether using hi-temp paint to counter act the heat would kill the reflective duty of the chrome surface and produce a dimmer and less desirable light output, since i could only find hi-temp paint in flat black. in which case, maybe a layer of clear coat would help restore the reflectiveness, but again, im not sure how well the clear coat would hold against the heat.

i was thinking though ( < i seem to be doing a little to much of this), would the whole issue of heat be solved by using LEDs in my corner lamps? or would the weather be hot enough already to screw with the paint?

for those who actually read through the whole thing: :respect:
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