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Toyota makes a razor thin profit with their Scion line ups. Dealerships can't charge a penny over the sticker.

However, none of those rules apply on USED cars.

Those more expensive used cars often are sold to people with bad credits who would not be approved by Toyota Motor Credit.

I'd say get the Scion tC spec. They start at $15,000. It's the same car as a regular tC minus: retractable sunroof (it's fixed glass), engine cover, alloy wheels, anti-theft, steering mounted controls, ABS, side mirror turn lamps... I think that's it.

What you get for $15,000 is:
2.4L 160hp
power windows, locks, mirrors, mp3 radio
16in steel wheels
Toyota reliability and quality.

Trust me, you won't find any other car with the equipment the tC specs come with for that price.

I'll be honest, I get around 24mpg with my tC. It could be higher but I have a heavy right foot. If you drive the freeway alot, it will take you forever to accelerate to freeway speeds. I've been in an xB (same engine and chasis as xA) and it took about 20 seconds to get from a stand still to 80mph. Passing another car is possible, but you'd have to rev the engine like a chainsaw and wait quite a while. xA owners claim an average of 35mpg. So it's up to you.

You're paying $1,000 for a car that has more power, looks better and will hold its value better than the xA.

The tC also has a better tuning potential than the xA, should you want some speed.

One thing i guarantee you, the tC will have about 2X the gas mileage of your Titan.
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