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Thinking about lowering the Corolla again: H&R Race vs. Megan Racing springs

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So, last year I installed the Bilstein B12 kit on my Car-olla---the kit is just a pairing of Eibach's Pro-Kit springs with Bilstein's B8 shortened dampers. You can buy these parts separately if you wish. None of my worst fears came to pass: there were no drivability issues, no alignment issues, no rubbing, etc.

I'm finding that I want to go even lower and more aggressive, primarily for the "sporting" characteristics but an extra inch of lowering also looks good.

So, I'm trying to decide between H&R Race SPrings and Megan Racing springs. I'm leaning towards the H&R Race springs just because they seem the opposite of what I have now. But I do have some concerns: will they be too extremely stiff? Will my Bilstein B8's be able to properly handle them?

The Megan Racing Springs seem to get great reviews here on this forum. If the stock spring rates are about 140, the Eibachs are about 180, the megan racing springs are said to be about 240. I like these numbers, it seems just about right.
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