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Thinking bout scrapping my celica...guaging interest

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Red 1991 Celica GT Coupe 5 speed 5sfe with trunk spoiler.
Power windows, locks, mirrors, cruise control.
Celica 14 inch aluminums painted metallic black with celica on center cap in red.

all prices are in canadian funds and are plus shipping and non negotiable....

- New Parts are as follows:

-- Rad, cap, upper and lower hoses, thermostat, temp switch in rad (sale price of $400)
-- Rear suspension locating arms (4) and hardware ($600)
--Front left wheel bearing incl hub ($200)
--Brakes (excluidng drums and rotors) ($200)
----> Master cylineder, calipers, left rear wheel cylinder, pads, shoes, HB cables, etc. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
-- KYB GR2 struts (4), KYB boots (4), Kyb strut mounts (2-rear), Gabriel strut mounts (2-front) ($400)
-- OEM front springs ($100)
--Sway bar end links(4) ($60)
--all new exhaust gaskets (not installed-excluding manifold to head) ($20)
-- Gas tank fill/vent system plus rubber hose and tank fill fitting and vent fitting (rear tank) ($160)
-- Clutch master cylinder ($100)
--Poly Urethane front (rad) and rear (firewall) motor mounts ($200)

Everything on the car works great, with the exception of the drivers side power lock switch for LOCK, unlock works fine.

Body is in good shape with the exception of drivers side rocker panel and rear quarter flange which have rusted. The passenger fender is in rough shape but is straight with no holes (surface rust) can be fixed.

Carbon fiber trim is in good shape with the exception of the word toyota needs to be removed or repaired.

Interior is Charcoal and in great shape. Carpet would need shampooing. Drivers seat has 1 pencil eraser size hole. Drivers door panel has 1 small rip up by the window brush. Passenger side facia near radio has 4 holes from previous owners cell phone holder (moron).

Car will not be scrapped unless all the above priced parts are tentatively sold as I need $2200 cash asap. If someone would like to buy the whole car it would go for that price and would need that body work fixed, plus drivers side ball joint (boot ripped) and an unidentified gas leak fixed for it to pass inspection.

Please don't respond to this, send me email to the following addres.

[email protected]

with "celica parts" in the title
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The othe day I hit a cat, got a power steering leak. Got a quote of nearly $600 to fix, so the parts are up for grabs asap. If you or anyone u know is inteested. Now is the time cause I want them gone.

Did email you.
So those are you'll final price?
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