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Thinking Bout some 18's on my 98 avaLON

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Thinking Bout some 18's on my 98 avaLON (Updated with Pics 10/16/06)

I'm not the most car savvy cat on the block, so if my question is dumb forgive me.

I'm thinking about putting some 18 rims on my 98 xls avalon. My questions are as follows. Can and should this be done. If so would I need to install a better brake setup. How will it affect my ride quality. Would it be safer to just go with some 17s. Any and all suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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you dont need new brakes, unless u want to thats mostly for like suvs getting huge as rims 20 plus

what rims are u thinking of, style and finish?

these are the rims I'm considering and heres the specs.
Bolt pattern 5x100 & 5x114.3
size 17x7
offset 42mm
finish: silver/polished lip
weight: 22 lbs

unsure about what tire size to get and if spacers will be needed on this. any help will be appreciated. What are the factory rims offset at for a 98 avalon xls and where can i find that info?
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just want to throw my 2 cents worth in. i've never been fond of fake 2 piece rims, and down the road, you'll hate trying to keep dirt, brake dust, and corrosion and cleaning and polishing all those fake little bolts and recesses. get something smoooooooooth. i think those look great, just lose the fake bolts.
I agree with ya on the fake bolts but i'm having a difficult time trying to find similiar rims without the fake bolt pattern at a reasonable price. If you know of some or have a link to em I'd appreciate it. was trying to find some aftermarkets that resembled the 2001-2004 is 300 lexus rims.
have you looked on ebay? i see alot of wheels for lexus there...
I've looked on Ebay and its kinda hard for me to spend 600-800 bucks on a set of used lexus rims when I could buy some new rims for less. I'm pretty sure i'm gonna go with the rims in the pic. Tires will be the 215/50/r17. I don't understand the offset thing and that is the only thing that has me a little hesitant. since these rims have a +42 offset i'm concerned. I can't find what the oem offset is for the 98 avalon xls. I think its stamped on the inside of the rim. I'll take the tire off later and check it out.
Before and After pics of the ride

Well, here is a before and after pic of my car. I put 17 inch rims on the car. Bought them off ebay for about $450 including the tuner lugs. The rims are nippon version 5, 17" x7 with a 42mm offset. They fit perfect. The tires are falken 215/50/17 have plenty of room between the tire and struts. Did have to go and buy some shorter lugs because the ones that came with the rims were to long to put the caps on the wheels, which is what you see in the after pic below. I'll post another pic at a later date with all the stuff complete. I was going for a touring sport look and I think i got what i was trying. The pics don't do the car justice. The rims really make it almost look like a completely different vehicle. let me know what ya think. Not gonna do a much else to it other than wash and wax it. Looking for some silver and gold toyota centercap stickers to put on the rims. This is a 98 avalon xls with 116k miles on it and it runs like a dream.


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those look really great! fills out the wheel well alot better....what's next?? lol
I'm currently trying to get some toyota silver centercap stickers with a gold toyota emblem in the middle to match the gold trim on the car. Similiar to these with a silver background though.

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I tried on a set of 18x9 +38 on my '98 Avalon and they fit perfect, only if you want to go for that JDM flush look, with the stretched tires.

I'm thinking about going 18x10 +42 all around with some 225/45/18 stretched.

And with the bigger wheels, I think I'm going to lower mine about 2 inches all around.
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