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Thinking of getting a Matrix?

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As the title says, I'm thinking of getting one.

When I first saw them, I didn't like them at all. But I've grown to love them. I can't keep my eyes off them! It's nuts :p

Anyways.. I priced em out.

a 2004 XRS 2WD 6 spd is $29.5K CDN and a 2005 XRS 2WD 6 spd is $31.5K CDN with a spoiler, wheel locks, door protectors, exhaust tip.

Which is the better deal? :D hehehe.. and should I go for a matrix? or a Corolla Type S? :p

I love that car too :(
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If those are out-the-door prices, they're not bad. My 03 XRS 6spd w/ no additional options came out to $29xxx. Obviously, if you want extra stuff like extended warranty you'll tack on to the price. Minor options like the wheel locks and door protectors you should be able to get 'thrown in'. Don't tell em you wanna pay for it. Use it as a bargaining tool. If they can't give you the price you want, tell em that they'll have to throw in a few things.

I hope you realize the difference between the 04 and 05 XRS'. The front bumper on the 05's have been redesigned to a more conservative, less aggressive look. The 03 and 04 have the same front bumper.

The 05 XRS is now rated at 170hp. The 04's are 173hp while the 03's were 180hp. It probably won't make much of a difference as some 04 XRS have been dynoed and in some cases shown no difference between the 03's.

There are a few other minor differences in the 05:
- equipped w/ a Toyota radio. Delco radios were previously used
- tire pressure monitoring
- Altezza style taillights
- Silver Streak Mica (previously Titanium Metallic was available)
- Meteorite Metallic (never available previously)

Corolla S? Nah.
Corolla XRS? If I didn't need the cargo room, I'd get this over the Matrix XRS.

Check out the next meet, I'll be glad to offer you a ride. :)
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Get a matrix and u will be happy. I love the space plus its sporty.
mista - u work at a dealership? u really seam to know your stuff?

^ lol.
No, I don't.
I'm supposed to know this stuff. Otherwise, they won't make me a moderator here. :D
I would go w/ the XR though and Turbo/ SC that instead of the XRS.
i saw a matrx that had a 4wd badge on the rear they come with that or is it awd? derik i would get the older version w/6spd tranny that way you won't have the troubles you have now.
^^ yup 4wd Xr
Corolla vs Matrix? That will depend on how much room you want and whether or not you would use the cargo space. I found the Matrix to feel less clausterphobic than the Corolla (I'm 6'4 190lbs). Even with the Rolla S' height adjustable seats, I felt better in the Matrix.

base/XR/S vs XRS? I think that depends on your driving style or what you like. I didn't like the 6MT when I test-drove a Celica GT-S and I absolutely hate super-high-revving vehicles. Then again, I enjoyed riding in a SC'ed Rolla S more than I enjoyed winding out a BMW Z3 and a BMW 330ci... I like my base Trix for the same reason I like Subarus: they're torquey and you don't have to wind them out for peak power.
Hatch said:
mista - u work at a dealership? u really seam to know your stuff?

in most cases
if he did work at a dealership
he'll probly dont kno wuts he's talking about

mista should be one!
Hmmm.. alright... I'll think about that.. I may go with a matrix. Just to decide on the year and trim ;)

I'm also a bigger guy I guess.. Only 6' 220lbs but I need my space ;) LoL. I've always driven luxury type cars for their size :D hehe Thanks for the advice and I'll let you know what/if I decide to go with :D If I can get out to a meet sometime I'll take you up on that testdrive.

And those are the outthedoor prices.
Rolla97 said:
I would go w/ the XR though and Turbo/ SC that instead of the XRS.
Why? It'll still be slower. :p:
I say still get the XRS and play with it

turbo for the xrs....... maybe ......
mistamatrix said:
Why? It'll still be slower. :p:
Only after 6.5k
I'm more stuck on 4wd vs. 2wd.
Winter driving here sucks :p I'm out in the boonies and the roads aren't always plowed :D My cirrus sucks for the winter, hence my last spinout and death scare. My pontiac loved the winter though :p hehehe..

but what should I go with? 4wd or 2wd?
AWD only comes in auto and is rated at 127bhp instead of 130bhp. Not worth it, IMHO.
The 4WD is not fulltime. It's basically a FWD and power goes to the rear when slip is detected.
Hmmmmm.. Mista: How does your handle in the winter?
Don't get 4WD, not enough power.

Have you checked out the Mazda 3 you get a lot more content for the price. OR Lancer Ralliart.

If I had the money

but I came across something today. I may get an 86 Supra :D lol
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