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This Should Become Your Bible (FSM)

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Ok, so I see a lot of threads/questions on how to do certain types of maintenance for the Toyota Highlander 2001-07. While it doesn't bother me to see these threads (after all, this is a discussion board), I think that investing in a Factory Service Manual may be a wise decision for some of you. The 1st generation of Highlanders is aging which means they'll need more repairs and a service manual that is published by Toyota and what the service techs use may be beneficial for you and your wallet. The cost is $140 but that cost is easily recouped by doing your own fluid changes, brake changes and shock changes for example. These manuals have everything you need to know about doing work on your Highlander. The upfront cost is heavy, but the future savings will be more than worth it. I recommend having a hard copy like this instead of an ebook (PDF) because its always nice to have it in front of you instead of inside on a computer screen. I use one for my Durango and it has saved me money and headaches alike. Just a little rant and trying to be helpful. TIS subscriptions would eventually cost more than this I believe.
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What he said! :thumbsup:
And even though it may not be the exact same year as your vehicle, it is still very helpful for stuff that doesn't get changed from a year to year basis, IE Shocks and transfer-case's probably.
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