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This turbo solara belong to anyone here?

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Check out this 1mzfte solara. Is this guy a member here?

Makes me want to get a red 5spd v6 solara :eek:
His webpage
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daaaamn that is one sexy ass car :eek:
is it just me or is his turbo only connected to one set of headers? huh interesting, then again maybe i dont see things
it'a a bad pic. i can hardly see anything. but he probably ran the pipe from threar to the front then back. and it makes sense to do it that way. but in tony's case he has a huge turbo
That wing kills that solara... so does the hood. Other than that, the car is tight.
Wow I must be blind, I didnt see that huge ass wing when looking at the pics before :ugh3:
The car belongs to "xxtrd69xx" who lurks around SC3 and has posted once here.
I think he had lots of problem with the car and he sold it. i hear he is driving a bimmer right now
UltraslowSolara said:
I think he had lots of problem with the car and he sold it. i hear he is driving a bimmer right now
Yeah, i actually warned him about the possible problems he might encounter -- knock sensor problems, maxed out stock MAF sensor, venting BOV and MAF issues, ignition timing issues at slightly higher boosts with stock compression etc....

I guess I scared him away so he bought another car :disappoin :D
the car is still some damn nice eye candy although
i could live w/o the engine mods and the wing..and just be happy with molly kits and s/c!
the hood looks nice...but the wing is ugly...i didnt see it at first until someone pointed it out...ahha....but mad props on the work he put into it...and i agree with allen about some work needed to the would be really pimp if he had the carpet match his seats.
It's like mine..

But with a suspension, turbo, BIG WING, body kit, interior in extra ;)

It's a guy on I think
Lose the wing and keep the stock hood. Replace the wing with the Toyota Factory trunk lip spoiler. It'll be a true sleeper, except with the oversized intercooler showing out.
wow. that car is trully a sleeper. i didnt know that car was boosting. i see that car sometimes at the mall. I think the wing is gone already...i dont remember exactly :cool:
i used to see em around here and there, i think he kinda lives near me.. duno but i havent seen him in a long time, but yea its a nice solara.

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