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those crazy egr valves

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well i had the check light on my car for a code p0401 (insig flow) so i looked around the site and found how to by pass the temp sensor and i put a 4.7k resistor in there and now it keeps the egr closed and the check light off till i can get enought time to try and clean it or replace it ;) . also notice when doing this it sounded a little more quite i guess the sensor was also going bad and reading a little too low making the engine getting too much exahust fumes .... well my point is am i thinking rice like when the car feels a little quicker and responsive now since it's getting no exhaust fumes, and my sisters car the egr sticks sometimes so i was going to by pass hers but i need a 77-98k resitor and i cant find one in that range so would hooking 2 reistors end to end give me a resitance in that range ??? oh the 2 resistors are 22k and 57k ... so in theroy i should have 96k??? oh and i was also dying to say ya having my egr bypassed is jdm yo! (1mz-fe's in japan dont have the egr valve)
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EGR valve?? Must be a usdm thing :D Have fun when smog time comes around... i know i will.
^ lol well i still have my cat in thats takes care of most of the stuff that comes out of the car, and l still have the pcv valves as well .... i think it will still pass emissons if it had too
I'm assuming the land-o-old people isn't California then :D Florida??
post a diy on how you did that bypass cause i'm curious on how it looks
yup i live in florida! well the bypass was more of just jumping the temp sensor so it thinks that it is letting too much exhust gas in. i used a cheap raido shack resistor (4.7k ohms) to bridge the plugs for the sensor and i guess you can also fully remove the system as well i'm not doing that right away i might next month but i'll need to find a plate to cover where it was on the tb. i'll have pics tomorrow

edit*also when i remove the system i have to close off the vaccume lines ..... so now thinking about that i'm not going to take the system off for a long time or not at all ... it's there not doing anything but it's there. also when it thinks it's letting too much in it will close the valve not letting any gas in.
Too much work, all you need to do is unplug the vaccum hose to the EGR and plug the hose.
^ too much work and the check light will come on because the egr isnt working.

now thats easy ... all that is a 4.7k resistor and i make it look like it's pluged back in ....

oh it's hard to see but yes thats a reistor at the top off the plug and the lines from it jjust run it to the sockets and this is located from a sensor connected to the egr it self
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No mine never came on :p:
You put a resistor in the Intake Temp Sensor plug which is on the intake pipe. The EGR go no wires just 3 vaccum lines and in on the intake manifold. At least it is on my 5S-FE. One of the vaccum hose control the open and close of the EGR. Remove that one and plug it. Unless there is a feed back to tell the ECU that the EGR is not opened when it suppose to. Don't have that on 5S-FE.
With a resistor, you'll be running rich all the time. Not exectly a good thing.
thought that would make it more lean (more clean air) but either way wouldnt the o2 sensor tell the ecu to correct the air to fuel? i havent checke the vaccume lines yet to see how it is but i did it on my 1mz-fe, so the 5s-fe might be a little diffrent also years might change a few things.
ECU see cooler air -> more air in system -> add more fuel to use up all the air.
Here is my EGR:

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I've always thought EGR valves were a bad idea. it may increase your fuel economy a bit, but only by introducing exhaust gasses into the intake. I guess it increases fuel economy by reducing the amount of oxygen in the intake air so it will consume less gas, while sacrificing horsepower.
I have a 20 Valve silvertop 4age, it has no EGR valve. as far as I know they don't use EGR valves in Japan, and everyone knows the JDM way is better.
^:lol: i might go looking for a JDM intake for it now since i know how to bypass it ... then i can be like my hero 2wickedtoys :D
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