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Thoughts on a 4AGZE swap with a 4AC

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The swap is a bolt in...but i would have to replace the fuel pump, ECU, relocate a intercooler, and eventually get a new LSD. You know i was planning to get a new LSD, with a 4AGE swap...but...a 4AGZE has more power...and they are relativly newer and sometimes cheaper. The clutch will have to be replaced also know....give me your input on the subject.
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from what i heard relocating the intercooler would mean a lot of fabrication. if i were you i'll just leave it as is and just get a hood scoop but not eeryone likes that so it's up to you. as far as the whole swap idea goes... :thumbup: :cool:
Just get a clip from say JARCO, it'll have all the parts you should need.
I know where to get the parts....but i guess what i was asking is if anyone knew any problems that i might encounter. And as to the relocation of the intercooler....i pondered a hood scoop...but decided to make it a front mount intercooler intercooler would run colder as a front mount than on the top of an engine....but thanks for your thoughts guys!:cool:
for a top mount I/C... you can add a fan or an water spray to cool it down :D

i think there are boost-related problems if you decide to put the I/C in front. but you should be able to remedy it by chosing the correct diameter for the pipings to be used. :) or upgrade to a higher-boost pulley set. :D
You would have to replace everything pretty much.. the engine bolts right in.. but you will need everything else from the AE92 or AE101 in order for the motor to run, specially the ECU.
another problem would be the tachometer (if your car has one). the MAP type 4AGZE uses a DLI system (distributorless ignition system)... this the igniter puts out a totally different signal compared to the usual dizzy. to remedy this, there are aftermarket tach adapters which you could use (i.e. MSD). Or if your into electronics you could make your own using some capacitors and a regulator. :)

likewise, check your speedometer if its the electronic type or the cable driven one. if i'm not mistaken, the MAP 4AGZE has an electronic speedsensor... so you'd need to convert your speedo to accept the eletronic signal. :)
thanks to all of you guys that are helping make this swap a quick and easy one...i will post some pics... and the dyno run when the swap is complete.:D
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