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This is a hard one for me...I'm not really mechanically inclined, and I don't like just throwing money at dealerships/mechanics.

So, original owner, 2001 4Runner, SR5. It's hard a few things done (no major accident or anything, but a dog did run into the road and caused my son and I to go into a ditch (not swerving, just what happened after we hit him :( ) about 6 years ago. $10000 roughly in repairs (things aren't cheap in this area). No deployment of airbags as it wasn't that major, just did cosmetic damage mainly, but a lot of it in the front, under, and front driving area.

I only include the above in case it has some bearing....

Last year or so, I have noticed that my LEFT, and only the left, turn signal, sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. When it doesn't, the sound is still there for the turn signal, but the interior light IS NOT and, testing it out when I could reproduce it and was parked, the outside turn signal does not show/work either.

However, there are times that it does work. I cannot 100% repro the issue.

Is this something that happens over time? Anyone ever see/hear it before? It's a simple enough, but solid enough, vehicle that we have only had to do normal maintenance (brakes/tires/etc, and a radiator replacement that was cracked, and then the headlight glass (NOT CHEAP :( ).

I want to give this vehicle to my son as his "learning" vehicle in another 18 months when he should get his license. It's a tank. I just want to make sure it works as should. Currently, I no longer just trust that when my hands turn on the turn signal, that they are on. The right turn signal has NOT had an issue. Only the left.

( I also would like to put the rubber weatherstrips in....well, replacements, as they are pretty raggedy, but not sure how easy that is or best place to get them....thoughts?)


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I had an issue with my turn signal stalk. mine would short out and cause a similar issue, but mine would stay on rather then blink, almost like it wouldn't quite fully engage the relay for flashing.

I put a new turn stalk in mine and never had an issue again.

Used stalks are fairly inexpensive and it might be a reasonable place to start before sinking in any real money.

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I'd say a contact issue/bad ground issue. The ground issue could take time to troubleshoot and would require some basic knowledge. I would first follow the advice given above if the price is right and then go from there.

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I second the wiring / ground theory.
And yes, it can be a PITA to troubleshoot.
I question the turn signal stalk being the problem. The fact that you can hear the flasher module clicking tells me the switching in the stalk is doing it's job.
It's activating the flasher module when you tell it to.
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