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Three Vehicles up for Sale!

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Two Vehicles up for Sale!

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Hi, sorry to bug you...

For that 4X4, how is that 4Wd system work??

You mention that "The front wheel lock caps help you enable this!" Like... you mean I need to jump out from the car to adjust it from a FR to 4X4 or....
It has manual hubs, not automatic hubs. so when you want to engage 4wd you get out turn the front hubs to lock, and shift the transfer case into 4wd.
Thanks 92_Gen3_5SFE_LE, you probably have done a better job at explaining that than I ever would've.
Hope you got my late PM back.
Just a quick update. The Camry currently has problems with getting the air flow to function when the heat or air conditioning is turned on. The module that is effected is located on the front passenger corner where it could be shaken to make the air flow again. Not sure what is causing this to happen, but it isn't too much of a nuisance.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts