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Throttle body spacer

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Hey everyone,

Can some explain to me what a throtle body spacer does to increase power as much as it does? Also anyone have any pics? They go in front of, or behind the TB, and how thick are they?

Are these made for the 5sfe?

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I thought one of you guys was making these.
Quoted from

The PowerAid Throttle Body Spacers from AIRAID Premium Filter Company are designed to greatly improve the low-end torque and horsepower characteristics of your engine. PowerAid accomplishes this by spacing the throttle body one inch and adding a dyno-proven Helix style bore(s). As the intake air passes through the spacer, the Helix bore creates a vortex action that improves atomization creating a more complete combustion and an efficiently burning engine
Does anyone know about the power increase? This sounds a lot like that tornado fuel saver piece of crap they sell on the infomercials. I would love to see some hard facts on this mod. I am interested, but the rice-detector is at the ready.

- Paul
^Yea, I was just about to say it sounds like one of those special add-in things that do absolutely nothing. Just like that Tornado thing.
I have heard they work great. Guys have been ussing them on trucks for years reporting gains and getting better gas milage if i remember correctly.
They work great in engine with carb. It helps mixing air and fuel before it get burn. It might help a bit with EFI engine but not as much. Then every little bit helps.
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