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throttle body spacers

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hey guys i am currently testing a throttle body spacer for the 1mz there really not to hard to make but if all goes well i will start to sell here on the net to all of u TNers first. its goin to be made out of aluminum and price is not sure of yet...but will prolly be under $100 no worries there...i got the idea from a guy who had one on his truck and it was pretty cool had a cool little whistle to it and gave him about 5 horse.... any feed back would be thanks:clap:
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if it's the kind of throttlebody spacer I'm thinking about....:hammer:

waste of may as well go out and buy "the tornado" and see what kinds of gain you will get....

edit: you may as well put that money to making a custom cai
I thought you were talking about phenolic spacers at first, which aren't bad as support mods for high power cars (e.g. FI'ed vehicles like the B5 Audi S4).

But Aluminum "throttle body" spacers? I dunno what those are for...
some thing like this I'm guessing

they are actually helpful on a lot of engines, but I really don't think they'd be much help on anything like our cars.
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yes its goin to be like the picture above but will be threaded on the inside im goin to test it on my car first and see wat goes on from there..
yuod have better gain with a wider TB than with a spacer on the 1mz. if you are going to try and make something try and do a intake manifold. that might be the best resalts i think
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