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Throttle Body

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A couple of weeks ago my throttle body started sticking above 3500 RPM.
Had it happen about 20 times over a 1 week span. Temperature outside was -20 to -40°C.

I could tap the peddle and it would release unless it was close to full open. Then I had to shut the car off pull over and release at the throttle body. Happened 3 times on the highway. Better there than city streets.

Temperatures are now +5 to -15°C and problem has not returned.

Has anyone in a Northern climate had this problem. Iam wondering if tolerances at the low temperature are causing the problem.

Only other thing I can think of is crap built up in th throttle body.

I noticed in the manual it says to drain the coolant before removing the throttle body. If I dont how much of a mess will this make. Seems the throttle body is at the high point of the engine and the coolant would drain.

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most likely crap gumming it up. it seems to happen with the 7M. just remove it and clean it up with a can of throttle body cleaner and some soft rags, its not hard and doesn't take long.

if you sign up over at theres a very good how to article on this in the FAQ section. you have to log in to see the forums though! its kind of a running'll see what i mean.

finally if your TB is somehow shot i do have a spare here i'd be willing to sell you cheap. i'd even clean it up for you.
I might be able to get at it on saturday. Ill clean it up and see how it works after.
I do belong to the cressida forum too but was here looking at the supra forum and decided to leave my question here. Tried to buy an 84 supra with a spare 7M for $700.
He sold it in one day.
a 7M for $700?? wow....thats a bit, was it the GTE? going rate for the GE seems to be around $500 here in ontario, even less. hell if you hold out long enough you can get one for free or near enough. i'm getting my hands on a lower end in the spring and i've got a spare head here. i feel like a ******* lol.

but yea might as well try the cleaning. oh and grab some of the RTV silicone so you dont need to replace the TB gasket - you can just put some of that on both sides of the old gasket and it'll hold fine for sure.
The 7M was free with the 700 dollar Supra. My engine still runs strong as it is now 242000 km. I was going to flip the supra and keep the engine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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