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i put a cinder block in my car and let it rest on the gas pedal so it would be wot, and i go under the hood to lookit the throttle valve, but its not open all the way. it seems the cord can be pulled even farther than the limits of my gas pedal (the floor stops the pedal from going any farther). should i try to adjust it so that the throttle actually is open all the way when im flooring it? or is there a purpose to why its set up like this

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Xevuhtess77 said:
hm... so if i adjust this i can get the tranny to downshift earlier? sweet
I wouldn't adjust it, but you can correct it if it's acting up. Generally if you go too far out or too far in, you're just going to have a car that drives poorly.

As for the comment not to even adjust it if it needs adjusting, I say that that's just ridiculous. Adjusting your tranny cable to fit spec will not do anything bad, I can attest to this.
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