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Throttle response prob. w/ 2003 gen5 LE

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I usually notice this problem when I need to accelerate quite quickly in some situations. When I open the throttle quickly, my car takes anywhere from 0.5-1.5 seconds to feel any response to my input. Is this normal for my car or should I get it checked out? Could it be the air intake being restricted?

Thanks for any help.
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for your sake i really hope there's a problem with the car (i think there may have been a recall on it) but this is in my mind why i hate electronic throttles mom's gen5 does the same thing..not 1.5 seconds..but it take a lot of pedal travel before the sensor seems to register throttle is wanted. kinda sux. I wonder if the lexus models have the same problem?

Is there anyway to convert an electronic throttle back to a cable?
Though your car is relatively new, (I dunno how many miles you have clocked) you may want to check the throttle body for grime and clean it if needed. Couldnt hurt to check out the air filter while you are there as well, maybe upgrade to a k&n filtercharger. I cleaned my throttle body a few weeks ago and I got much crisper throttle response. Although my car isnt drive by wire like yours.

- Paul
It's the lack of the throttle cable that causes this.

And theres' nothing you can do.
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