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hello, I've had my solara now for about 3 weeks. 2000, SE, V6, 5-speed manual 125K Miles, clutch not replaced to my knowledge. I am the 4th owner of the car. more recently over the past week it has developed a "chirping" coming from the engine area. it is on the drivers side of the engine. here's what I can tell you. the sound will start up right as soon as the engine starts the car can be in neutral moving or not moving and you can hear it from outside of the vehicle. the car can be engaged in any of the 5 drive gears and you can hear it. however when you press the clutch in it goes away immediately, as soon as the clutch is completely released it returns after about a second or two. you barely have to touch the clutch to make it go away.
I have been told it is a throw out bearing going bad?

I will say this, I came from a 4 cylinder 5-speed manual ford focus to this solara. I noticed that this clutch system seems to me to be very difficult to get the proper timing between the clutch and the gas to make smooth shifts, otherwise they are very "jerky". I have to make very short quick shifts gear to gear to get it to be smooth. can anyone else tell me if this is normal for these cars with the 5 -speed transmission.

the previous 3rd owner of this car only drove it 15K miles over the course of 3 years. and from a car fax report on the car shows the second owner of the car only drove it about 6,300 miles a year for about 7 years, so most everyone babied this car over the years. I'm guessing old people. (no offense)

so I don't expect the clutch to be all that horribly worn, and it does not feel like it is slipping, feels like there is plenty of power transfer and get up and go to match the RPM's I would like to avoid to have to go to a shop with it, we just dumped the money we had just n buying it, having to spend $1K in a full clutch kit install is not on the $$$ plate right now. can I go for a while like this? any possible adjustments or greasing that can be done without huge amounts of labor? any advise would be great.

thanks, and God Bless.:thumbsup:
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