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Time to make my Tercel faster!

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I have always thought my tercel was pretty fast and wanted to do more to it. I have recently discovered that I wasn't the only one who had this idea! I have a 95' with a 5e-fe engine. If you help me get started I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to know the potential that this engine has and suggestions on any upgrades for my Tercel. I already have the custom stereo that makes my car stand out. Now I want to do everything else, especially the things to make my Tercel faster and handle better! I greatly appreciate any and all help you can give me! Thanks
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the first and most basic mods... please read...
i have decided to start this thread mostly for the benefit of some of the "newbies" who visit our boards. i get several emails every week from people who are new to modifying their little imports. so i pose this question to you...

please everyone, read and reply even if only to reiterrate what someone else has already said...

lets assume that you just bought a new toy. what are your first and most basic mods? and more importantly, why?

these would probably be my first three mods on any car...

1. light weight wheels and tires.
weight reduction, better traction, and better overall handling.
sooo much better looking than stock wheels

2. springs/ shocks/ coilovers.
lowering the center of gravity is always better. again, much better traction and handling. this is good whether you want to race in a straight line or race in corners. oh yeah, looks waaay better than stock too

3. intake or exhaust.
i think this should be on the top of everyones list. if you plan on going far with your modification habit then you have to start off with the basics and do them well. i would invest in a good intake and exhaust system. better breathing is a MUST before going any further.

ok gang. this is my list of most basic mods. only after all this is complete would i move on to other stuff.

the rest of you who are reading this thread please pitch in with your 2cents. what would be your first few mods? if you agree with the above, where would you move after these few mods? what would come next?

i would greatly appreciate it and i know the newbies who read this would as well

An if your ready to get the last stop in mods possible...

read and heed

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