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Times from my Race *Auto-x*

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Cars beaten (all classes) Corvette, Mr2 Spyder, Miata, 240sx, Dodge Daytona, Integra GSR, Del sol, Integra GSR, Unspecified Toyota.
Over all 18th place of 27 drivers.
2nd in My Class of 4 drivers. Class F-Street Prep.
Car- Toyota Camry.
Name- Zach Reis

It feels great knowing that some of these people went home and said....I got beat by my wifes car. Toyota Camry, sittin on 14's, stock suspension...with more body roll than fat bastard. Im proud of Killah Cam:D
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good job man, hopefully with results like those more people will start giving our cams the respect they so rightly deserve.

yeah great driving. my friend killed a viper by 8 seconds in his miata. the viper driver was real sad too:lol:
I will continue to rep for the Camrys. Who knows....mabey the guys will steal their moms, and wifes Camrys for the next event?!
:lol: :lol:
lol nice camry_rider, is ur camry a v6 or i4?
what mods do you have that put you in street prepared?
Im running a 5s-fe with Intake/Exhast and Cooper Cobra GT's I have no idea why they put me in FSP....but they did. Its all good tho.
^ sweet camry_rider, welcome to the world of 5sfe's em what you got!! hehe.. :clap:
Ive got a 5 pound sack filled with 10 lbs of balls. Get me behind the wheel of my car at a race and youll see no fear, only determination. I may not have what everyone calls a "race car" but damnit......Im gunna win.:D Why? Because im that much better than the next guy. I don't have a big ego, and I know im not the best, there is always going to be one person thats better.
Now I feel like racing. Damnit.
It's easy to win these events when the other drivers suck ass. I've autoxed in mine and have beaten numerous 240s, Miatas... even a 2004 BMW M3. :lol:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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