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Timing belt at 45k miles?

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2003 Sienna, 45k miles.

I just got a scheduled maintenance at the dealer. The "advisor" told me that I need all of the fluids flushed and replaced, and that the timing belt is worn and needs to be replaced.

I told him that I'd think about it.

45k miles for a timing belt? How did the mechanic check it? I'm suspecting a wallet flush.

On a related note, does this van have an "interference" engine?
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45k miles for a timing belt? that is way too early. are you sure it was the timing belt...? could it have been the serpentine drivebelt perhaps he was wanting to replace? on a sidenote 2003 with 45k is a low mileage vehicle..did you mean to say 145k miles on your motor?

let us know what you end up doing.
Indeed, only 45k. I assumed they would be checking the serpentine belt, which they said was one of the scheduled things. But the bill has a list of recommended repairs, and "timing belt" is one of them.

I looked under the hood. There's a plastic timing belt cover. Taking it off requires at least displacing some cables / hoses / whatever. The screws to secure the cover were utterly un-disturbed, and still had their patina of mild corrosion and road salt. It's also my understanding that you don't just say that a timing belt is worn, but you have to identify a root cause, if it's before the scheduled replacement.

Here's my plan. I am going to take it to a reputable private shop from now on. And, the van will probably be in the shop soon anyway because I got a "check engine" and code P0128 (thanks to the gentleman at Auto Zone for reading it), which I am keeping my eye on. At that point, or the next oil change, I can ask the mechanic.

My last car was a Saturn wagon, and it came to an end when the timing chain slipped a tooth. So I have reason to be a bit superstitious about all of this.
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Dont worry about timing belt untill 100000 miles. P0128 almost always points to a lazy thermostat.
I guess its possible your mechanic wanted to replace timing belt due to the age of your vehicle/belt?..
i have a 2002 van, i had the timing belt changed at 90K when i had a tuneup, plugs, drive belts, pvc valve.

did have trans and coolant flushed at 5 years, 60k miles

i have heard mechanics say that a timing belt is like tires, even if vehicle is very low mileage, at about 10 years the timing belt needs to be replaced due to break down of the rubber.

They even recommend replacing low mileage tires that have age on them, yet the tires look brand new.

sister in law was left on side of interstate about 20 miles out of Nashville, TN with a broken timing belt (another brand of vehicle with 165K miles).
Definately a wallet flush, I stay away from those thieves, at least Jessie James robbed people the old fashioned way "with a gun" the dealers bully you or scare you into buying thier wallet purging services.
I think the way they said you to change timing belt is on assumption that the life of rubber for timing belt is good for 5-6 years maximum or 90-100k miles, which ever comes first. You can go to 90k miles in 15 years, but rubber has some life and it becomes hardened and can break after a certain period of time.
The "advisor" told me that the timing belt is "worn." Since I am not inclined to replace the thermostat myself (yeah, I know) I will find out from my new mechanic when I get that fixed.
Also this sienna unfortunately has an interference engine.
you can play with life of youe engine, but in short, your timing
belt is over. it is now 6 years old.
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