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Timing Belt

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Guys just a question my 97 Camy has 300,000 km (bout 186,500 mi) on it, i do not know when the timing was changed out at least 104,000 Km ( 64,624 mi) can this has a effect on the transmision( i.e NO or sometimes OD) and poor Fuel Econ at Best ( about 250km (155 mi) to a tank) i am gonna change it just need the greenback for the belt and cams, and plugs/wires and injectors all at the same time. Any Feed back would be helpful
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I can't say for sure if an old belt would lead to the problems you describe. However if a belt does stretch over time it must lead to some funny things.

I always thought we replace the belt just to keep it from completely failing; and it sounds like your's is due.
I am planning on doing it,when and where tbd, I am Waiting On Wyndham Worldwide to publish the yearly stats for raises and Bonuses(knowing my luck i will see it in June:lol:)
The timing belt will not affect the transmission. The transmission problem is a separate issue.

my od issue i hope is the od silinoid and not the whole tranny since i have it 90 % of the time now since my flush, my fuel econ still sucks tho
The timing belt would be low on my causes of bad fuel economy. It would not be a factor on the transmission at all. Do some searches for "fuel economy" to get an idea of things to address. Usually it involves cleaning up the emissions and fuel delivery systems.

If you are doing mainly highway driving without overdrive that might be the reason for poor fuel economy.

I believe that the change interval for a 97 model was every 60,000 miles so you may be able to hold off on that until about 190000 km - 200000 km.

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