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timing problem???

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I figure I will start a new post and give it another go since I am still trying to figure this out

Question 1.

Would positioning of distributor cause the spark plugs NOT

to fire at all? ( I don't mean off by 90 or 180 degree but rather by a

tooth or two on the gear, if there are 20 teeth on the gear then by

doing the math 360 degree divided by 20 = 18 degree)

I inserted the distributor w/ the rotor pointing at the 12 o'clock

position and as it got in, the rotor rotated counter clock and

positioned at 10 o'clock position. ( the engine is at 5 degree TDC)

Has anyone experience this timing problem after timing chain

installation and/or distributor installation?
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Does the engine run at all?
have someone crank it over while you loosen the distributor bolt and turn it either which way makes it start(change the timing).
when its running is when you shoot the timing light at the crank pulley to set timing by turning the distributor so that the little mark on the crank pulley is in the right spot.
engine turns over when I turn the key. but the engine doesn't start.

I also changed battery and a new set of spark plugs w/ correct gap.
OK, I'm gonna jump in here. I know you have tried a lot of things but let's go to the basics. I think the distributor is installed incorrectly. Try this if you want but it will set the INITIAL timing correctly. With the cap on the distributor, make a mark on the dist. body (with a felt tip pen) that lines up with the #1 plug wire tower (usually a "1" cast into cap). Remove cap and also remove #1 spark plug. Rotate the engine using the crank bolt and put your finger over the #1 plug hole. When you feel compression, look at the crank pulley and set the pulley notch to the "0" timing mark (not 5 degrees). You are now are at Top Dead Center (TDC). Look at the dist. rotor. Is it aligned with the felt pen mark on the dist body? If it is, initial timing is OK, if not, remove and reinsert dist. so that the center of the rotor is aligned with mark. Tighten dist. hold down bolt snug, replace cap, plug and, if everything else is OK, the engine WILL start with this timing setting. After it runs and warms up, then set the timing to 5 degrees before TDC using FSM info. One step at a time---let us know how you make out. Good luck!
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Thank you very much!

I will try this method this weekend.

I used the instruction from

to install my distributor, I was wondering if you have any input on that

I will keep you updated. :)
The method in the link you give does work and theoretically sets the timing to 5 BTDC. But you have to check the timing afterward anyway so I use 0 degrees (TDC) to avoid any mistakes (an alternate method, if you will). I think your distributor is 180 degrees off (or as the link says--turn the crank one full revolution) so being on the compression stroke is the key. Keep us posted.
Finally got the truck to start,

The distributor is in fact installed 180 degrees off, thank you everyone for helping me.

I need to fine tune it tomorrow. I am extremely happy now.

Once again, thank you!
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