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does anyone know how to correct timing for the mr2 turbo? the timing marks are located in a weird position that is impossible to see. will i have to overhaul the engine to do this? j/p
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I just got mine done two weeks ago. Remove the engine side cover (passenger side) and look straight down. You will need a timing gun. Also, you might have to spray some cleaner because it might be too dirty to see.

No need to drop the engine!
first you must short the diagnostic box in the engine bay, connector E1 & TE1 must be connected for the timing to be correct. Once connected, you can use a timing gun to set timing to 10*BTDC (OE spec) You have to take off the passenger engine cover side panel. Look through between the IC pipes and you'll see the markings. Make sure you connect the TE1 & E1 connectors in the diagnostic box for your timing to be set correctly, if you don't, the timing will be off by 2-3*
thanks guys. will try it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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