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Tint Picture Request

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i'm thinking about getting my windows tinted in the next few weeks. i want to go dark, but not too dark that i'm getting pulled over all the time. i thought about going 15% all around. which would make the fronts 15% and the back and rear glass somewhere around 5%. but i'm wondering how that would look without them matching. does anyone have pics of this setup from the side? or any other tint combination for that matter. my only concern is how it looks from the side when the front and back dont match. please dont say that i should just tint the front to match the back. thats just not dark enough for me. i've also searched, but most threads are so old that the pictures dont show up anymore. or its a bunch of threads of people asking what percentage matches the back.

edit: i'm thinking about going with ceramic tint. from the pictures i've seen, it looks very clean looking. anybody else have this?
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I have 13 on my front windows, and 5 over the rear which was factory tinted, I don't have any good pictures of it from the side, i have some off angle stuff but that just makes it all look dark, tomorrow if its bright out i'll try and get some pics
thanks for the pics jp.

hightq, that would be awesome if you could get some side pics that shows the difference. that would be very close to what i would have.
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