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Tinting Law for Scion XB

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Does anyone know if the scion xb is like an suv or truck or i dunno...a mini van? I wanted to tint my back windows but hawaii's law is....only trucks, vans, suv's, or mini vans can have darker tinting on the back windows. the front passengers ones have to remain at 35%. So my question is to anyone out there is...what is a scion xb? and will it pass the law?

thank you to anyone who can answer this :-D i'd appreciate it very much.
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Usually vehicle classifications used by the auto insurance companies are the most accurate...certainly more accurate than or Tire Rack. At some place on the 'net I saw it classified as a "micro van"...which I thought suited me just fine.

Anyway, I'd say check with your insurance company to see how it gets classified.

Another note about Hawaii tint laws...They actually say that the window tint must allow at least 35% of the light in, plus or minus 6%...which is why occasionally you'll see the law stated as the darker 29% value...if that helps you at all.

It seems there are two key phrases in classifying the applicability to vans, minivans, etc. 1) "necessary for the driving visibility and 2) "provided that the vehicles are equipped with rearview mirrors on both sides." Don't take my word for it, but it would seem reasonable that the xB is a minivan (the state code does not contain a definition of this vehicle type), and you don't need the rear window for driving visibility as long as you have both side mirrors....??

Click the code section number for the full text...

§291-21.5 (d) This section shall not apply to:

(8) Sun screening devices for side windows necessary for driving visibility which are to the rear of the driver and for rear windows necessary for driving visibility which, when used in conjunction with the glazing material, have a light transmittance of no less than thirty-five per cent plus or minus six per cent;

(9) Side windows which are to the rear of the driver and rear windows on vans, minivans, trucks, or buses; provided that the vehicles are equipped with rearview mirrors on both sides;
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21st Century insurance says it's a compact wagon....
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