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Tips on first time changing brakes

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Hey guys i'm going to change my brake pads pretty soon. I want to do it myslef and all. But i never did it before. Anyone want to give some valuable tips on how to get it done right on a 96 camry. I know its pretty much plug and play. i figure i'll be picking up some generic brand pads from autozone or napa. Around 20-25$
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Im doing the same soon :(
^ what pads are you going to get ?
best tip is this:

don't worry, it's easy....

and you dont' have to take both of the bolts off the caliper to remove the pads, just take out the bottom one and then swing the caliper u and out of the way

and don't forget to have a c-clamp on hand to compress the caliper so you can put it back on the rotor- also, don't forget to open your brake fluid cap too so you can le pressure out while compressing the caliper

good luck, have fun, and learn:thumbup:
I'd reccomend the akebono pro-act ceramics. They have almost 35k miles on mine and are still over 50% of useable pad. They are pretty quiet and don't heat up and warp rotors as fast as semi-metallic. They also cause less brake dust on your wheels.
akebono @ tirerack

Also remember to get the front rotors measured to see if they are thick enough to resurface. If they're not then look into a good set of rotors from brembo, centrix or from the dealer. It's a very good idea to replace and lube the metal slider shims that go inbetween the pad and the caliper. If you don't replace them at least clean and lube them. Use a c-clamp and compress the piston in. You can use the old pad and clamp down on that. It's also a good idea to have the brake fluid flushed and refilled with dot3 or better brake fluid. Have the rear brakes cleaned and adjusted. Replace if neccesary with dealer brake shoes.:cool:
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The best tip for first timers is to do one side at a time. That way if you forget how to put it back together, you can look at the other side.
I'm about to do this too, whats different for an older car, I have an 81 celica and my brakes are pretty bad, also how many miles do rotors usually last, my car has 130,000 miles on it.
ducky: Being an '81 and having 130,000 miles, I doubt the rotors are original. If your rotors are warped, you'll feel a pulsation under braking in the pedal and the steering wheel... I know that even as a passenger, I can feel warped rotors when you brake from high speeds, the car just seems to shake and shudder.

There's no *set* mileage or age that you should replace your rotors. Fix as needed.
Since I never did my own breaks before I have a question, where do I get my rotors resurfaced? And how much does it cosT?
Any shop should do it for 10 bucks each.

Just $10 bucks? to dis-assemble, put car on lift, measure, re-surface, and then put back on, and bleed brakes? All for only around $10???
^ he's attempting to do his own brakes. Im guessing he'll have the rotors off the car and he is wondering how much it is to have them resurfaced on a brake lathe.

Gridlyne said:
Since I never did my own breaks before I have a question, where do I get my rotors resurfaced? And how much does it cosT?
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