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tips on v6 spark plug change?

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i got the 3 front ones done those are easy. im having some trouble gettin the back three out since they're under the intake manifold, but i was able to get the left-most (passenger side) boot out, but im trying to get all 3 boots out before i change the plugs. did you guys do anything special to get the other two out? or was it just pure effort.

its good that i have mad skinny forearms so i can snake my arm underneath the manifold and i can reach all 3 of them its just that i cant pull them out cause my arm cant move at all and finger stregnth isnt enough to get the boots out. any ideas?
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i just forced my arm under there, and undid them all. also i have some things that help changed the angle for ratchests and used them to snake in the ratchet. or you can do what the haynes manusl says and take off the intake.

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yes! i was able to do it!

a lot of the hoses near the firewall that are attached to the intake are quite flexible so i just kinda pushed my hand between them all and i was actually able to get a straight-on angle at the spark plugs. its a lot easier then i thought. i originally started by forcing my arm under the intake as well, but i just couldnt take the plugs out cause there was no room for movement.
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