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Tire balance and the old tires

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Hi, m8s,

I bought 4 new tires and plan to replace the old ones on a local garage. I still have 2 questions, I appreciate for your replies.

1. The garage owner asked me for $14 per tire, normally does this price including balance or something else? Should I mention the tire balancing to him or it's a common procedure that every machinist will do when they replace with new tires?

2. How to deal with the old tires? Just leave them in garage or should I take them to some recycle place?

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yes, usually the $14 includes all of that. depending on the shop, they may charge for the disposal of the old tires. some do, some dont
Ask if the price includes balancing.

Are the old tires completely worn out and not street legal due to lack of tread?

Any of the new tires in better condition then the spare. If the same rim is used on the spare can just rotate out the best tire on the car now for the spare and use the spare rim for the new tire.

Do you have a place to store the new tires?

At times in the past have damaged one of a set of what were new tires now higher mileage. Having a used tire handy can rotate this in rather then buy a single new tire.

Check with your city or county recycling department. They may have a spring cleaning event where they will take up to XX used tires for free. Otherwise as posted tire shops typically charge to dispose of old tires, around $4 per tire.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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