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Tire damage after hitting the curbside

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I was parking headfirst and underestimated the position of the curb and went over it. There seems to be no damage to the rim, but a slice of the tire sidewall is hanging by a little piece of rubber (about 2 mm deep). I am guessing I should go get the tire replaced. The car kept a straight line, so hopefully no alignment issues. Any suggestions?
I have had it for less than a month :headbang:
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If you don't see metal, you should be ok. I've seen people drive around with gouges down to the metal - though I wouldn't advise it.
Take it to an experienced tire shop and have them inspect the damage and offer you an opinion.

Sidewall damage can easily ruin the structural integrity of the tire that can lead to a possible blowout on the highway if left alone.

Not something to be taken lightly. I would replace it just to be safe.
i would exchange the damaged tire to the rear.. since the rear doesnt use as much wear as the front...

*touchwood* just in case if it got exploded.. the car won't be out of control too...
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