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Tire pressure?

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I bought my Scion TC with the optional pirelli rim/tire upgrade. Recently my low tire pressure warning light came on, so I inflated the tires to the recommended PSI (32 front/29 back) and hit the reset switch. Then less than a week later the light came back on, and I realized that the tire inflation pressure information on the inside door panel might not be accurate for tires other than the factory tires the car is normally shipped with. Does anyone know if the pirelli tires also require the same 32/29 psi? Or is it possible one of my tires has sprung a leak and needs to get checked out?
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ya i got the stock 17" wit potenza tires.....i got the same thing goin.......when i go 4 a oil change im gust gonna tell toyota about it but besides that i got no clue what the hell is goin on........its annoyin as hell
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