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tire recomendations

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Looking for tire recomendation for stock 95 Camry - need good wet traction and good in snow.
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try these sites if your gonna be looking for tires and whats helpful about this site is that it has customers reviews/ratings...
these sites will help you find the tire that suits your needs...

goodyear has a new tire called assurance... supposedly its good for all sorts of weather, dry, wet, snow, etc... but its pretty costly i think... :rolleyes:
well.. for a summer tire you cant go wrong with
yokohama Avid H4's
i dont recomend all seasons. BC they just dont do aything well. they work in all conditions but dont give you the best preformace.

the Avids will do you well in rain.
if u need a good snow tire just get some michelin Blizaxes

honestly is better to have 2 sets of tires that do what there ment for realy well as apose to 1 set that trys to do evrything.

now living in baltimore might complicate things BC you dont get as much snow as some one like myself who is in CT. shop around.. but just keep this in your mind that having allseasons are your only tire is asking for trouble.
^ ill be dead honest, as much as I love my camry and all that, I personally would do the different sets of tires for each season only if I had a expensive, new luxury / sporty car. or if i've already dumped many thousands into my camry for performance

since my car is mostly stock (performance wise), i feel all seasons through the years is fine.
I am driving on cheap store brand (made by BF Goodrich/ Michelin) ice radials. They are a good tire for rain, and I commute alot as well, the high silica compound- so I'm told- is better wearing than previous generations of snows. But because they are cheap, I will continue on with them. my Fuel consumption has not noticably changed, due to the warmer weather.

If they are no good this winter, I will buy another set, at +/- $70 CDN for the first tire, and half price for the 2nd.

In all, 4 tires under CDN$300 (200USD) or total with mount, balance, taxes, etc. I will keep current set for non winter use next year!
yokohama avid's. I like them lots.

i got all 4 for cheap at amazing place. Everyone here will say the same.
i'd recommend Toyo Spectrums :thumbup:
they are great tires. handle well in rain.
or you could look through the tire feedback thread...
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