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Tire/Rim Size

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I'm looking to get 16" Advan RG's in gold, whats the biggest size i could get in the front and in the rear, both tire and rim?
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ideal sizes for 16s would be a 16 x 7 rim (fronts) with 215/45/16 or 205/45/16 and a 16 x 8 rim with 225/45/16 in the rears..u can try to fit 235s or 245s or 255s in the rears but depending on ur suspension setup u will have rubbing issues and will have to roll the fenders....i have 245/45/16s on an 8" wide rim and it rubs (on h&r springs and trust adj. shocks)....

on a side note....spend a few hours and browse thru all the old posts....most of the answers ur looking for u will be able to find..welcome to TN and enjoy driving and owning an mr2.....:D
what do you have in the front? you got 245/45/16's?
i'm running 205/45/16 up front....i wanted to get 215s up front but they were out of stock for that size and i didn't want to car is pretty low and even with my suspension as stiff as it is....the rears rub under hard bumps while drive....i'm gonna have to roll the fenders....i had 225/45/16s in the rears before and never had any rubbing issues.....if u go to the main page on look in the gallery section under members rides and u'll see some more pics of my car with the 245s on the rears.....i really should have went with a 40 series tire though...
I have 16X7s upfront with 215s and 17X7s in the rear with 235's on both Jekyl and Hyde.
Neither of them rub, both are significantly lowered with H&R springs.
how does your car look w/ 16 in the front and 17 in the rear? Notice a big diff? in looks?
^ I can let you know on Saturday/Sunday. I should have mine in by then. Except mine will be a little wider in the back.
YAY another thread about rims. I have 215/40/17 in front and 235/40/18 in rear.

these are early pics of the car. My rears worn out recently because of reckless driving.:D

i put the stock 14's in front and moved the 17's in rear. trying to save up for tires. heheheheh
J U N J D M said:
how does your car look w/ 16 in the front and 17 in the rear? Notice a big diff? in looks?
If you look at me Web site, that is the set up I have on both cars.
... the photos of Hyde drag racing are all on 16's though.

I prefer the look.
17s on the front of the MR2 look to big IMO.
It makes thefront of the car look taller than it is.

I am quite pleased with my handling.
hey ishcoleobo

did you get your new rims?

if so, can you post pix? would like to see how the 16"s in front and 17"s in back look...

Blaskdhlhghg..... they were too wide. But they looked bad ass... they rubbed just a little since they were so wide. They looked SOOOO nice on it though. No wheel gap on the 17's... and a little bit on the 16's.
Were you buying rims with tires?

What size tire was it?

Was that the problem or was the rim too wide?
Rim was like 8.5 Wide i think ?.... don't remember what size tires....

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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