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tire sizing

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ok...even after searching and lookin at websites...tire sizing still confuses me.

ok...i have a set of 16x7 wheels on the way with a 40mm offset.

and i wondered if the following tires fit that wheel size?

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none of those would give you the right spedometer reading

205/60-16 would work

215/55-16 would work too, (if you want to go a bit wider), and yes they fit, i've got 215/60-15 on my car
ya..i checked and i saw they'd be about 6-9% off, but ok. i guess i'll stick to the 'reccomended sizes'.

however, even though it'd be innacurate, would it fit the car?
I have 205/40R/16 on my car, but that is only because I wanted it to be slim and didn't give a F*ck about my speedo reading :thumbup:
sure they'll fit, but why would you want an inacurate spedometer?

i think they'll look silly, the wheel/rim is gonna be way too small, you'll have like a 6inch gap in the wheel well
Came with the rims I purchased so....

I just kept them, you know trade off for free tires right?!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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